Welcome to the Hiring Center.

Thank you for taking the time to apply. BetterBuilt.com is a company that is focused on growth and the pursuit of "IT" excellence. If you have a passion for excellence and a drive to achieve, then you belong at BBC. We meet the challenges of an evolving marketplace by utilizing dynamic leaders whose skills and achievements expand upon the services offered by BBC. Our positive work environment consists of individuals who strive to make their duties here as productive and enjoyable as possible.

The initial application typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. For this initial process you will be limited to 20 minutes. If your time expires you will have to restart the process.


  • Although we like to move quickly through the hiring process it does take time to process all of the candidate information. We will try to process your application within one week’s time.


  • Please do not call, fax, or email BBC employees unless instructed to do so.

Before you begin please have this information ready:

  • Employment History
  • Education & Personal History
  • Employment Skills
  • Employment References
  • Resume — PDF is preferred.

What to expect from this process:

  • Initial application submittal, online today
  • Initial resume file(s) upload, online today
  • Possible 2nd level online application, future
  • Possible phone / interview, future

Are you qualified to apply?

If you are applying for a technical position at BetterBuilt.com we ask that
you are certified or are able to obtain at least one of the following certifications:

  • A+ Certification
    • Entry Level minimum, establishes your basic knowledge of computers
  • Network+ Certification
    • General Residential and In store technician work
  • Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)
    • General Commercial and Advanced Residential technician
  • Other certifications:
    • Evaluated based on accreditation and materials tested
    • Not all certifications will automatically qualify you for an equivalent test level listed above
  • Exceptions and notices:
    • All tests certifications must be valid and will be verified.
    • Having more than one of the above certifications is better than one of the certifications
    • You will be required to join the BetterBuilt.com 'team' while employed at BetterBuilt.com. Generally your certifications can only be attached to one business during any one point in time. While employed at BetterBuilt.com you will not be allowed to disjoin your MCPID from BetterBuilt.com and attach it to another company.
    • While working at BetterBuilt.com you may not operate, participate or own another business that involves any ‘IT’ related activities including but not limited to programming, search engine optimization, website hosting, website design, consulting services, residential or commercial service, and residential or commercial network service. Any conflict of interest will result in immediate employment termination.
    • Expired / old certifications will require retesting & renewal.

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