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Symantec Enterprise Services

Betterbuilt.com is a Symantec Fulfillment Partner and participates in the Symantec Enterprise Service Provider(ExSP) Program. Participation in the Symantec Enterprise Service Provider Program allows us to directly license the latest Symantec software to out customers. 

By providing services which may be payed for on a monthly basis our customers avoid large up front charges for service without sacrificing coverage or quality. Taking advantage of Symantec Enterprise Services through Betterbuilt.com will allow our customers to benefit from lower management overhead, better service levels, and an increased probability of business continuity.

Customers who would like to purchase these services may be concerned about ongoing obligations or paying more in the long run but we can provide the information our customers may need to make an informed decision. All ongoing payment obligations will be thoroughly explained before being committed and, at our customers request, ongoing costs can be calculated in advanced to compare to the cost of an upfront payment.


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