page PREinit
master buttonbefore content Init
page button Init
page control button Init
page control Init
master control button Init
master control Init
master button after content Init
master init
page init
page InitComplete
page PREload
page load
master load
master buttonbefore content Load
page button Load
page control Load
page control button Load
master control Load
master control button Load
master button after content Load
page LoadComplete
page PRErender
master PRErender
master buttonbefore content PreRender
page button PreRender
page control PreRender
page control button PreRender
master control PreRender
master control button PreRender
master button after content PreRender
page PreRenderComplete
page SaveStateComplete ASP.Net master pages and controls load init order

I just wrote this page so I would have a quick place to look up the order in which some of these load and init events fired in a situation where nested controls and master pages were used. Hopefully someone else will find this useful as well. back to website support

This is content in the master page

This is content in the aspx page

Control for page (not master)

This is the user control in the master page