Windows XP, Should I Upgrade?

YES. can help you organize, plan and deploy Windows and Office upgrades including Exchange migrations. We're also ready to sell you the best new computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets for your business needs.

Windows XP End of Life

As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows XP. If you are still running these versions in your organization, you may be vulnerable to malicious software and compliance issues. Consider how this will impact your data protection and system security. Todays security standards are stricter and the final HIPAA Omnibus ruling of 2013 includes stiff penalties for violations.

Windows XP Upgrade to Windows 8

Get Upgraded With Windows 8 and Office 365. 10 years of innovation has created Windows 8 Pro and Office 365 with enhanced security, mobility, productivity, flexibility. Relax and let replace the old with new.

Windows 8 and Office 365 will modernize your business and simplify your everyday tasks. The modern 8.1 devices, like the Microsoft Surface, have longer battery life, touchscreen and are still faster and lighter.

Office 365, now as a cloud service, will increase productivity. Access your applications and files from virtually anywhere. The user licensing lets you use office on different devices while allowing administrators to keep control over the organization workload. Get awsome value and cheap prices.

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