Company Information

From our name to our business practices is in every sense a customer oriented company. Since 1995, when John Draggi formed our predecessor companies until now; BetterBuilt.Com has grown into a multi capable company with a distinct operating focus. Along the way we've made continuous capital investments and expanded locally to become a diversified electronics and high-technology enterprise empowering both corporations and citizens with the means to do more.

The Definition of BetterBuilt.Com

BetterBuilt.Com LLC is an organization that has chosen to recommend or specify certain products for which we sell services around. Although we may purchase or resell items for the customers themselves, our primary objective is to provide high quality service for the products that we have specified. These specifications are part of service proposals that also include assistance to the end customer on how the products can be purchased.

General Business Definition of BetterBuilt.Com

BetterBuilt.Com is an information technology leader which creates and recommends computer solutions. These solutions include installing and connecting hardware and networks as well as developing custom software.

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