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At we design our computer systems around our customer's needs.  Whether you need to get a custom assembled Desktop built to your personalized specifications or a Server to run your entire company, we’re here to help! 

More Than Just Another Technology Provider

You need a technology vendor with training, knowledge, and the expertise to understand your objectives and meet your needs reliably with a higher level of support.

With advanced deployment capabilities and industry expertise, Intel® Providers:

  • Listen to your needs and help you maximize the value of your technology investment.  Unlike the typical super store,’s technicians will listen to your requirements and translate those requirements back into computer specifications.
  • Help you find the right end-to-end technology solution for your future growth objectives.
  • Obtain accelerated product replacement, enabling you to receive Intel products quickly, keeping your systems up and running with greater reliability.

  More than just a computer, a solution to your computing needs.

Intel Notebooks

Outstanding dual-core performance

With its two execution cores, the Intel Core Duo processor is optimized for multi-threaded applications and multitasking. You can simultaneously run multiple demanding applications such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching programs - while downloading music or running virus-scanning security programs in the background.

Enhanced performance

The Intel Core Solo processor is the next generation mobile processor for power-optimized mobile processing. It is enhanced to handle today's demanding software applications—such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching programs.

Intel Based CPU Systems

Server Based CPUs

The Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor, Intel's highest-performing and most reliable server platform, moves you beyond proprietary RISC platforms to help you meet your business-critical computing needs with proven capability and mainframe-class reliability. Increase your productivity with ongoing platform innovation that is truly inspired, and access a world of optimized solutions for less cost than proprietary platforms make possible.

Intel® Xeon® processors give your enterprise the power to evolve in manageable ways. Now with dual-core technology, servers based on Intel Xeon processors provide the built-in standards, stability, and scalability your infrastructure needs to move your business forward.

Workstation and Desktop based CPUs

The Intel® Core™ Duo processor breaks new ground. Its dual-core technology rewrites the rules of computing, delivering optimized power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance with amazingly low power consumption.

An Intel® Pentium® D processor-based PC delivers an extra powerful gear when you need it. Accomplish more while running multiple applications, such as editing video while downloading music.

The Intel® Celeron® D Processor delivers a balanced level of proven technology and exceptional value for desktop PCs.

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