Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are self-contained computing terminals that provide access to on-demand information and transactions. Some examples include airport self-check-in systems, retail product locators, and bill pay terminals. Interactive kiosks typically utilize a touch screen for data entry, along with an on-screen keyboard and other peripherals, such as card readers and barcode scanners. A thermal printer is the most common output device. Some interactive kiosks are even equipped to burn custom CDs or DVDs on demand, or download multimedia files to handheld media players. Interactive kiosks may have a customized, hardened enclosure, or may simply be a standard PC that has been repurposed for interactive kiosk duties.

"Kiosks" can refer to self-service computing terminals as well as free-standing pavilions in retail environments. This dual meaning is not really that surprising, given that both definitions describe a self-contained system for accessing information and completing transactions. Interactive computer kiosks can take a number of forms, such as touch-screen product displays, interactive mall directories, and employee HR info stations. Some kiosks even serve multiple purposes, e.g. a product catalog for customers and a job application center for potential employees. Kiosks may be found in a growing number of industries, including retail, automotive, education, and banking.

By their nature, interactive kiosks require robust and secure kiosk hardware and software to ensure a consistent user experience and prevent unauthorized modification. A number of kiosk manufacturers offer this type of solution, but quality and features can vary widely between vendors. When evaluating interactive kiosk manufacturers, be sure to ask about their quality assurance process, warranty coverage, and method for handling situations such as dusty or humid operating environments. You may also wish to identify a reliable kiosk service and support organization for your interactive kiosk project.

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