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Customer Reviews for, LLC Computer Repair. We are located at 6316 Middlebranch Ave NE , North Canton, Ohio 44721. Call us at 330-493-7500 for laptop & computer repair and SMB business networking & IT support.

Average Rating: 4.8
review rating 5 stars

5 star reviews 84.74%
4 star reviews 13.55%
3 star reviews 0%
2 star reviews 1.69%
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Recent Reviews

ted canton oh
April 29, 2016
review rating 5 stars
my experience with betterbuilt was very good no complaints. They help me along with my problems.
Cheryl, Alliance,Ohio
April 12, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Very pleased with treatment and service
Pat, Hartville OH
April 11, 2016
review rating 5 stars
: I was very happy with the help the techs gave me. They were very patient with me as a senior. Their simple explanations were easily understood. Thanks to them I'm up and running at a low cost!
Gary D, Massillon OH
April 5, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Ordered express service and my laptop was repaired within three days.
Lyle, Louisville
March 25, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Knowledgeable and very helpful. Did not make me feel like I was somehow stupid, which I very much appreciated. Helped me understand the best course of action and followed through accordingly. Highly recommended.
March 11, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Thanks again Anthony,Jacob and Levi for all your help.
Nan,Canton Oh
March 9, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Waiting time was what they promised me. Am very satisfied with the overall experience.
David , Navarre , Ohio
March 6, 2016
review rating 5 stars
BetterBuilt figured out the problem and called with options for a solution. I was impressed with the service I was provided and in just a few days I was back up and running .
Dave, Jackson Township
March 5, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Excellent service, very fast and very reasonably priced.
Nick, Canton OH
Feb 1, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Darn fine service. My rig hasn't run this smoothly in years!
Randy, North Canton OH
Jan 21, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Thanks to BB, we have two more computers up and running that were just sitting around needing repair. I am confident in their ability to repeat the experience if needed.
Grandpa, Hartville OH
Jan 19, 2016
review rating 5 stars
My experience with BetterBuilt was better than I even had anticipated and the cost was very reasonable. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs computer repair.
Robb - Canton, Ohio
Jan 19, 2016
review rating 5 stars
I have purchased four computers from betterbuilt. The prices are very good but more importantly I wanted a company that would provide great service and they have several times. They are easy to talk to and give me straight answers and they go the extra mile to ensure that I am comfortable with my computer once it is returned. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends. They do a great job and give the personal service that a big box or internet company cannot provide
Anonymous, Canton OH
Jan 16, 2016
review rating 5 stars
Jacob was very patient as I was not very knowledgeable about this computer. He took the system back to where I was comfortable using it. I certainly appreciated his understanding and expertise.
Melodie, Canton OH
Jan 1, 2016
review rating 5 stars
They did a great job with my laptop. I originally took it in for service because I had a virus on it. Not only did they remove the virus, they were able to restore my profile. I thought it was gone for good, I was thrilled when they said they could fix it. I would recommend them to anyone!!
Marylin, Canton, Ohio
Dec 29, 2015
review rating 5 stars
The technicians were extremely polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend them to others, and I will call on them again if I have any more trouble.
Mel, Canton, OH
Dec 29, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I received professional assistance with timely and accurate information.
Anonymous, Canton OH
Dec 20, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I don't consider anyone else when it comes to computer repair.
Mike / North Canton, Ohio
Dec 9, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I appreciated the fact the service technician contacted me to explain the problem with my computer after running it through a diagnostic test and telling me what needed to be done to correct the problem and the cost involved. Appreciated the communication to inquire if I wanted to proceed with the fix. Computer is running much new since being serviced by Better Built.
Louise, North Canton
Nov 11, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Jacob was great. He asked questions I had not thought of and offered good adise. Thank you Jacob.
Sharon, Canton, Ohio
Nov 13, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I am extremely happy with the service I received from your company. I was in a bind with trying to get my weekly sales report done along with our assistants paychecks. You don't realize how your whole life in in your computer until something goes wrong. They did their best to make sure they did a quick backup of the files I needed until they were able to do the diagnostic check for me. Thank you so much! I will recommend you to my friends and family!
Dan, Plain Township
Nov 11, 2015
review rating 2 stars
A quote of $154 at the outset climbed to $240 without any new issues coming to light, other than inability to download Windows 10 due to the anti-virus program. That this could not be anticipated by IT "professionals," and then that we were charged to fix this mistake, was unacceptable.
John T. / Jackson Township / Ohio
Nov 9, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Excellent Service to key Dell workstation computer located at my home. Workstation computer experienced a rapid double on/off of AEP electric service. AEP has agreed to cover costs of repair/replacement or whatever was necessary to return workstation computer to operating state prior to rapid double power outage.
Nov 3, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Cherrie, Canton,Ohio
Oct 28, 2015
review rating 5 stars
the 2 young men i had contact with were very friendly and listened to what i tried to explain.. even after my computer was back home i was still having some issues and when i called,Anthony was able to direct me to get where i needed to go to fix things..i am now a happy person...Thanks
Mike, Canton OH
Oct 13, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Everything that I needed was taken care of at a reasonable cost.
Lynn, North Canton, Ohio
Oct 11, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Have full confidence in all of you. You have helped me many times. I will buy my next desktop from you and no one else. Thank you for being so willing to help when my desktop was in trouble!! You fixed my problem and thoroughly explained what you did. My computer likes you guys, too!!!
chris, canton oh
Oct 9, 2015
review rating 4 stars
It seemed we had to wait a long time for the repair since the part was difficult to find (bottom of laptop was cracked and needed replacing) They finally found the part, i think out of the country, and it was repaired.
Richard, Dalton OH
Sept 22, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Following a software crash while attempting to load Windows 10, Anthony was not only able to recover everything on my computer, but also gave it a tune up that has it running like new.
Tess, Canal Fulton, OH
Aug 25, 2015
review rating 4 stars
It would have been good for them to tell me that they made a new inbox for my second email account coming into outlook where before it was all in one inbox. I know to you who are so computer literate that seems so obvious but to those of us who are not good with technology that simple explanation, since it was a new set up, would have saved me a phone call to you.
Robert, Canton, Ohi
Aug 22, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I had to buy a new computer and the staff was very helpful in designing what I needed.
Anonymous, Canton OH
July 17, 2015
review rating 5 stars
BBC has always been very helpful in solving my computer problems and employees have are always attentive to what I have to say as well as being very courteous
Phil, Canton, OH
July 6, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I relied on the technical expertise and advice that I received from the staff members of They listened to my needs and made constructive suggestions as to how I could best meet those needs. I appreciate their guidance through the purchase process. I also appreciate their assistance in getting the new laptop fully functional and set up.
Jean, Canton, OH
July 5, 2015
review rating 5 stars
My interaction with the associates at BetterBuilt was professional and they were very proficient in resolving the WiFi issues with my laptop. I would not hesitate to recommend or use their services in the future! Thanks!
Nina, Canton, OH
June 11, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I have been dealing with you for a number of years now and my experiences have all been great. Even though I have a computer I'm not "tech savvy" so I really appreciate it when your people in the store or on the phone talk to me in "plain English" and not "tech talk." My experience recently with Anthony is a perfect example of what I mean. He explained what happened to my computer in language I could understand and make sense of.
Customer from Hartville
May 29, 2015
review rating 4 stars
Very Happy
Darla from Louisville Ohio
May 29, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Claire, owner from Pa. Todd-son, N. Canton Ohio
April 19, 2015
review rating 5 stars
my testimonial comes from the primary owner of the computer. My son lives in N. Canton, Ohio an he was given your shop as a good place to go. I am the owner as I said an I answered the above as I know he would have because we kept in touch all the time until it was fixed. I thank you for giving me my working computer back GOOD JOB! Being from Pennsylvania, I don't know how far a referral would go from me here in Pa., but, I am sure my son will refer many people in need to your offices...Thank you again for fixing my problems, you are very, very, competent and do so in a short period of time!!
hazels heroes canton, ohio
Feb 14, 2015
review rating 5 stars
painless experience
happy with our new laptop
excellent service
Rick, North Canton
Feb 1, 2015
review rating 5 stars
Anne, Canton,OH
Jan 31, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I was happy with their service and will definitely go there again
TR, Hartville, OH
Jan 28, 2015
review rating 4 stars
Service was thorough and professional. My hope is to avoid the periodic crashes I had been experiencing after service by other providers.
Thanks for the good service and your interestin my feedback.
Derek, Uniontown OH
Jan 20, 2015
review rating 5 stars
I was referred to you by [...] I am satisfied with the turn around time you had to repair my laptop. Steve was very helpful in helping me understand how to keep my computer running efficiently.
Sandy, Akron OH
Dec 13, 2014
review rating 5 stars
Extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. My being computer illiterate; they were very patient explaining everything to me.
Heather, Louisville OH
Dec 2, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I love that you were able to assess, fix, and return my computer in less than a week, even over a holiday week. Thank you so much!
Eugene, Canton OH
Dec 2, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I have learned the hard way that I am far better off letting the pros get my computer back in perfect working order!
Frank, Plain Twp, Oh
Nov 18, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I was very impressed with Steve and his professional handling of my problem. I am 81 years old a d have very little computer knowledge. Steve was able to explain my problem and gave me the fealing that he knew what he was doing and that I was in good hands. My problem was resolved on time and Steve even went the extra steps, such as renewing my Morton software with my O.K. I have had four repairs at BetterBuilt and you continue to provide excellent service and Thank You.
Taxman, Groveport, Ohio
Nov 12, 2014
review rating 4 stars
Doom,Canton OH
Oct 31, 2014
review rating 4 stars
Price on the high side
Vicki, Canton, Ohio
Oct 29, 2014
review rating 5 stars
very helpful and fast return of my computer
louisville ohio
Oct 2, 2014
review rating 4 stars
very prompt and good service
Melvin, Middlebranch
Sept 9, 2014
review rating 5 stars
Keep up the good work!
Robb / Canton, ohio
Sept 20, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I bought our computers from BetterBuilt about 5.5 years ago and have had them serviced a few times when needed. Just had my laptop in for a virus problem and was very pleased w/ the diagnosis and the fix. Very quick w/the diagnosis and fix - all within five days - great turn around. I also really like the new pricing structure - I can now find out what needs to be done and what it will cost at a fair price. I will be back.
Becky, Louisville, OH
Sept 16, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I have purchased from Better Built Computer, I have had services performed from there and I would rate sales and service AAA. When they realize the customer cannot speak computer language they automatically revert to "user friendly" language!!!! In my opinion they are the best!!
laura canton ohio
Sept 4, 2014
review rating 5 stars
I opted for the 2 week service and everything was right on time. Good timing
Terry, Canton OH
Aug 8, 2014
review rating 5 stars
Appreciate the fast, professional service rendered on a Laptop as well as a Desktop. Also appreciated the follow up days after the service to see if everything was working ok. Hours of operation also proved to be an asset.
Boop, Canton, ohio
Jul 7, 2014
review rating 5 stars
The techs are very helpful anytime i call or stop in.
Command Sergeant Major Scott Hutt, Canton, OH
Jul 10, 2014
review rating 5 stars
You guys saved me big time. I brought in my son's laptop after completing a "do it yourself" monitor swap. The system didn't work after my "do it yourself" repair, BUT you guys bailed me out! Thanks again for the prompt help and getting his laptop back up and running. I won't be attempting anymore "do it yourself" computer projects in the future. I'm heading to your shop! I'm a customer for life and have already referred some of my friends and co-workers. Thanks again.
CAA, Canton OH
Jun 8, 2014
review rating 5 stars
Better Built demonstrates highly sophisticated skills and quality in all phases of the job. Better Built is a valluable resource for assisting users after service. Work is performed with accuracy, thoroughness and effectiveness as well as in a timely manner. I have recommended Better Built to my co-workers and friends and will continue to do so.
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