Is Smoking Bad for you Computer?

Yes, smoking is bad for your computer. Tar and dust combine to make a sticky substance that clogs up the computer’s cooling system.

The computer fans that cool the computer draw in smoke & typical dust particles causing the dust and tar to mix together to create a sticky brownish yellow smoking bad for computer"TAR dust". This "TAR dust" coats everything and will continue to build and grow, plugging ventilation holes and insulating components. Parts that are now covered in this "TAR dust" blanket typically cause the computer to overheat & lockup, and/or the components to prematurely fail due to the lack of proper air circulation or thermal insulation smothering.

This is a picture of "TAR dust" that collects in and on computers due to cigarette smoking near your computer; typically inside a house. As you can see by this computer picture, the "TAR dust" continued to build up clogging air ventilation openings.

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