The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is now a key strategy for achieving high performance—why? And, perhaps more importantly, why are so many choosing as their outsourcing partner?

Why Outsource?

Organizations of every shape and size are pursuing outsourcing strategies today. Most are looking for ways to increase their business performance, profitability and competitiveness. Key reasons to tap outsourcing include:

  • Enhance capabilities in key competitive areas
  • Partner with experts to increase innovation
  • Increase the ability to focus on core competencies
  • Move from fixed costs to variable costs
  • Reduce costs
  • Speed time to market
  • Improve business performance


Why Outsource to is focused on helping our clients become high-performance business and governments-organizations that consistently exceed their peers by quantifiable standards and through economic cycles as well as new generations of leadership.

We have:

  • More than 12 years of experience in outsourcing.
  • Small to Large outsourcing clients.
  • Dedicated experts in our outsourcing organization.
  • A global delivery network.

Outsourcing with can drive high performance and deliver benefits through:

  • Bottom-line performance improvements.
  • Increased efficiencies and best practices.
  • Improved operational excellence.
  • Better access and utilization of technology.
  • Ongoing access to deep knowledge and experience.

The combination that differentiates:

  • The technology and business to keep you in front.
  • The scale and scope to respond quickly.
  • The knowledge and experience to help you drive toward high performance.

We have found one consistent characteristic in the most successful outsourcing arrangements: a relationship built on trust and commitment. At, we find that our clients often begin their outsourcing journey looking for a "provider"; but they soon find that what they actually want and need is an outsourcing partner.

The reason is simple: an outsourcing arrangement is a big commitment over an extended period of time.'s outsourcing clients trust us to operate specific services on their behalf but also something more: They trust us to play an important role in their organization's future success.

The following chart shows a basic number of equivalent service hours you can have performed by verses a full time salaried "IT" worker at your location. Small companies with 5 to 10 PC-workstations will only require one or two hours of commercial computer service per month after the initial setup. Most of the service on smaller peer-to-peer networks can also be done by the existing staff. Larger companies with 30 PCs and a server will require more specialized services and around fifteen hours a month for general maintenance and service however specialized abilities may also require that your company staff two or more individuals.

Network Based
Hourly Rate
Per Week
Per Month
Salary 20k
Salary 40k
Salary 60k
Salary 80k
Computer Services Based
Hourly Rate
Per Week
Per Month
Salary 20k
Salary 40k
Salary 60k
Salary 80k

As the number of computers goes up, the amount of statistical problems also increases.  Usually that also drives the base salary of the “IT” staff up as well.

Please take note of the chart above, for the same cost of a full time salaried worker, you can get an entire team of experts which can normally solve any “IT” problems quicker, more efficiently and under budget.

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